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Price : 15.40 Vic Peter Westgate
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A quarter cut of steer is a quarter of all cuts of meat of the steer - a meat package. The cattle breed is Highland. They are a very low fat content of meat. Cuts are lean. The mince and sausages are premium quality. The steer is processed at a commercial abattior. The carcass is aged at the butcher shop. The quarter cut can be collected from the butcher in Leongatha or delivered. The weight of a quarter cut range from 35 to 45kg. The cost is $15.40 for all cuts. The meat is packaged on trays, except for sausages and mince. Listed below is a standard range of cuts in a package.
What do you get in a Quarter Beef:
One quarter of an entire beast – the cuts include the following but the number will vary depending on the size of the carcass.
Eye Fillet 2-4 steaks Scotch
Fillet 2-4 steaks Rib
Eye 2 steaks
Porterhouse 4-6 steaks
T-Bone 2-4 steaks
Rump 4-6 steaks
Round Steak 4-6 steaks
Oyster blade 6-8 steaks 
Schnitzel 6-8 steaks
Stewing steak 6-8 steaks
Osso Bucco 4-6 pieces
Topside Roast (~1.5kg) X 1-2 Bolar Blade Roast (1.5kg) X 1 Rolled Roast (~1.0kg) X 1 Brisket Roast (1.5kg) X
1 Silverside (~1.5kg) X 2 Girello Silverside X 1
Beef Ribs X 2 (trays) 
Sausages (fat ones in natural skins) - 20-30 sausages (in packets of 6) – usually 3 different flavours.
Mince (1.0kg packs) – expect approximately 6-10 of these. (This mince is very lean)

Cost is $15.40/kg for all this & the total weight of the quarter beast is usually 35-45kg

Kardella, Victoria

Quarter meat cut of Highland beef steer - meat package Map

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