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Vic Mark Clement & Deva Weitman
19/06/2022 180 Hits

Cattle Category: Registered Stud Stock

AHCS Herd Book Number: 9277

Animal Registration Name: KRACKEN OF BLUE ROCK

Sex: Bull

Date of Birth: 28/02/2020

AHCS Herd Book Grade: Purebred

Bloodlines: Fully Imported Bloodlines

Date Available: 05/06/2022

Sire Herd Book Number: 9609CA

Sire: Philip 1st of Hi-Arrow

Dam Herd Book Number: 7028

Dam: Audrey of Blue Rock

Colour: RED

Pedigree Link (click to view Herd Book pedigree online)

This is a grass fed Blue Rock Highland Bull, fully imported bloodline. He is very correct on his feet with a long deep muscular body and a good top-line.  He is good natured and loves a comb and an occasional treat of Lucerne cubes.  His current weight at the age of 2.3 years is 500kgs.

Romsey, Victoria


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