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Price : 210.00 Vic Peter Westgate
13/08/2021 201 Hits

Cattle Category: Registered Stud Stock

AHCS Herd Book Number: 8825

Animal Registration Name: Henry of Mac-Ladanae

Date of Birth: 11/10/2018

Date Available: 09/08/2021

Sire Herd Book Number: 8182

Sire: Campbell of Mac-Ladanae

Dam Herd Book Number: 6657

Dam: Silver Dawn of Mac-Ladanae

Colour: Dun

Henry (8825) is a well built , Dun bull that has the most fantastic temperament. He is not a big bull, standing 48" at the shoulder. If you are looking for huge offspring then Henry is not the bull for you. I breed compact Highlands that are easier to handle. At around 450kg, Henry will not damage your heifers/cows. His offspring are generally 20kg at birth, thus easy birthing. 

If possible I place 'Bulling Beacons' on the cow to indicate if they have been mounted. Henry is collected once beacons have been activated or 6/7 weeks. No need for stockyards as Henry can be haltered in the paddock. I deliver Henry as I need to inspect fences and paddock conditions (too many bad stories). Only nominated cows receive a service certificate. No guarantee on conception or live birth.

Costing: Henry's services cost $210 per cow, in advance. Transport is $60 per hour, there + return for drop-off and collection. 

123 Huttons Rd Kardella

Henry of Mac-Ladanae available for lease Map

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