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Queensland Stud Bull Queensland Stud Bull Qld

  • Publish Date: 06/06/2021
  • Price: $7,000.00

Proven Stud Bull bred for Queensland conditions. Quiet and easily moves through the cattle yards. Vaccinated for Tick fever and comes with full health history. Offspring able to be viewed in farm. Only selling as I’m keeping his offspring. $7000…

Cattle Category: Registered Stud Stock

AHCS Herd Book Number: 5891

Animal Registration Name: McGonagle of the Ross

Sex: Bull

Date of Birth: 28/07/2012

AHCS Herd Book Grade: Purebred

Sire: Cairian of Dewrang

Dam: Skye of Durness

Colour: Brindle

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Queensland bred steer Queensland bred steer Qld

  • Publish Date: 06/06/2021
  • Price: $5,000.00

Ryder has been born and raised in Queensland. He can easily move through cattle yards and is eat out of your hand quiet. He was originally bought as a 6 month old steer for future meat/hide/horns however he is now one of the family and therefore would…

Cattle Category: Commercial / Unregistered

Sex: Steer

Age: 24-36mths

Colour: Yellow

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